Projects and Patterns You Can Make for the Boutique

Select a project link in the left column of the table below to view the pattern and instructions. You may make any project(s) on this list that interests you, using any fabrics and notions from your own stashes. If you have your own pattern(s) for an item(s) you would like to make for the guild, just get the “okay” from Michelle Barry at Remember that we are allowing only 15 of each specific item to be sold at the Boutique. We are looking for quality items, not quantity.

To maintain inventory control, please contact Michelle via email or phone to let her know the project(s) you have finished. When we reach a maximum of 15 for each item, the project will be removed from list below and another project will be added. You may turn in completed items to Michelle Barry, Roni Hunt, Joanne Rodriguez, or Dee Anderson at any of our Sew Days or meetings/circles.

Thanks to all Princesses who participate in this fundraiser for our guild’s education fund.

**Note: The pre-made kits for the below projects will be passed out at our first Sew Day.

Medium Fabric Basket/Bucket
(NEED 8)
1 made; have 6 pre-made kits

A simple-to-make, medium-sized, 8" x 6" x 6" oval fabric basket that can be made with scraps, coordinated fabrics, batting, and a firm stabilizer. Only 2 main pattern pieces.
Quilty Zip Pocket
(NEED 15)
This 8" x 10" zipped fabric pocket can store all your quilt notions; or keep underwear, socks, or other items together in your suitcase when traveling. You will need to make a 6" quilt block for the front (applique or pieced), or an use an orphan block. Also requires a zipper.
Pincushion/Thread Catcher
(NEED 15)
Sewers love this handy item… a weighted pincushion on top that anchors your own little fabric trashcan for stray threads, empty thread spools, and scraps to keep by your sewing machine.
Adult Bib
(NEED 15)
Great adult bib for a loved one in a nursing home; or even for younger adults who like to make a mess! NOTE: The sewing instructions are printed on the pattern.
Half Round Hanging Basket
(NEED 15)
This different 6" high x 8" wide x 4" deep basket can hang on a wall or sit on a counter. You will need some heavy canvas-type fabric. The Boutique Committee can help with dowels and rope.
Sew Happy Pincushion
(NEED 15)
This is an oversized 5.5" x 5.5" x 2" pincushion that will become any sewer's newest essential.
Divided Organizer Caddy
(NEED 9)
1 made; have 5 pre-made kits
This is a fairly simple 5" x 11" x 5" divided caddy. Use coordinating fabrics and firm fusible/sew in stablizer.
Best Nest Organizer Basket
(NEED 10)
1 made; have 4 pre-made kits
This cute hanging fabric pod can hold anything; you can hang it from a door handle or on the wall. Make using fun fabrics and a coordinating solid binding. Will also need a stiff fusible interfacing.
30 Minute DIY Fabric Storage Basket
(NEED 15)
An 11" x 11" x 9" fabric basket that is great for storage. If you have extra canvas fabric around, that would be perfect for this pattern, as it will need a heavier fabric.
Baby Bib
(NEED 13)
Have 2 pre-made kits
Bibs are always needed for babies. Make with fun and colorful prints and trims. The Boutique Committee has the tool to add plastic snaps, so you don't need to worry about that!
Car Diddy Bag
(NEED 15)
This bag anchors around your automobile stick shift and can hold your phone, kleenex, pens, etc.--and you don't need to root around in your purse.
5" Fabric Charms
The Boutique Committee is cutting and collecting 5" x 5" fabric charms from scraps or any other fabric, and will use them in pre-packaged quilt kits or sell a bag of charms. So as you sew items for the boutique, cut 5" x 5" charms to add to our growing pack.