Welcome to the Feather Princesses Appliqué Guild!

When good friends get together, wonderful things happen. And that was certainly the case with long-time quilting friends, Laura Brooker and Dorothy Johnson.

After quilting together on a regular basis many years ago in another quilt guild, their lives took separate paths and they did not see each other for several years. Then back in April of 2005, at the urging of a friend, they hooked up by phone one evening, chatted endlessly, and decided to get together to appliqué.

As things would have it, word spread like wildfire that these two quilters were getting together, and before long other quilters asked to join them. By June, Laura and Dorothy decided to form an appliqué guild.

Later that month after visiting a sister appliqué guild, the Hidden Stitches of Florida in Clearwater, Laura and Dorothy had their first Feather Princesses organizational meeting in Tampa with 13 quilters. Another organizational meeting was held in July, and finally the first official Feather Princesses meeting convened in August, with 27 members attending. That was a lot of quilters and a long time ago—and the beginning of what was to come!

The Feather Princesses now have 125 very gifted and talented members who adore appliqué.

The Feather Princesses’ name is based on an antique quilt pattern, the Princess Feather, which dates back to the mid-1800s. Our logo is one example of the Princess Feather pattern.