Special Blocks

Princesses Michelle Barry, Jamie Crowe, Maria Nunez, and Shirley Williams, Chairs
REV. 8/8/22

Three times per year, we have a drawing of appliqued special blocks designed by our gifted Special Block Chairs and made by our talented Feather Princesses members:

  • Spring – Shirley Williams
  • Autumn – Jamie Crowe
  • Christmas – Maria Nunez, Michelle Barry

When each special block is designed, the Chair coordinating that particular block selects the colors, purchases the fabrics, makes the kits, and distributes them to our guild members at a nominal fee, to cover the cost of the kit. (This is not a fund-raiser.) The kits usually contain a background fabric and a sampling of fabrics for the applique; but they do not contain fabric for every single pattern piece in the design. By providing only some of the fabrics, we are able to keep the price of the kits low and cost effective.  So with most special blocks, you will need to pull additional fabrics from your stashes to applique the entire design.

Using the background fabric and sampling of fabrics in the kits ensures continuity among the completed blocks; and using additional fabrics from your stashes ensures variety among the completed blocks.

Also included in the kit are instructions on how to make the block, and guidelines relating to the drawing. Participation in the Special Blocks is voluntary and participants are asked to follow the instructions and guidelines. The special block is an exciting activity in our guild, enjoyed by all.