Michelle Barry, Chair

Our guild newsletter, The Plume, is published monthly, with a combined issue published for the months of December/January. The Newsletter Committee consists of these Princesses:

Layout Editor –  Michelle Barry
Writer/Editor – Dorothy Johnson
Business and Member Ads – Michelle Barry

The Plume consists of current information related to the events (classes, workshops, quilt circles, specialty applique group meetings, trips, spotlight and congratulatory articles, quilt shows, etc.) taking place in our guild and in the local quilt community each month; and is usually distributed via email, a few days before the monthly guild meeting convenes.

At each Feather Princesses monthly guild meeting, all Feather Princesses members are encouraged, welcomed, and reminded to:

  • Contribute articles to The Plume
  • Solicit business ads for The Plume
  • Submit member ads to The Plume
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