2021 Retreat

REV. 10/11/21

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center
39034 County Road 452
Leesburg, FL 34788
(352) 483-9800
Thursday, October 21 – Sunday, October 24, 2021    


Retreat Questionnaire – for only attendees to complete and return.
Emergency Contact Form – All attendees must complete and turn in the first day in a sealed envelope.
General Information – Basic info on what will take place at the Retreat.
Retreat Agenda – Times and dates for all the planned events.
Packing List – Suggested list for making sure you bring everything you need.
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We are thrilled to inform you that our fabulous 2021 Retreat will convene at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, located in Leesburg, Florida, Thursday, October 21 – Sunday, October 24.

Also, we are extremely ecstatic to present to you our new Retreat Chair. She is very bright, smart, and fun-loving; and she knows how to have an exceptionally good time! More than that, she is a very dedicated and loyal Feather Princess. She has invaluable past experience in planning exciting events and she knows how to encourage and inspire others to have a great time as well. Since accepting the position of Retreat Chair, she has already rolled up her sleeves and started planning phenomenal activities for our Retreat this year–activities that our Retreat attendees are sure to enjoy! She is so grateful to have this stellar opportunity to coordinate this event for our guild, to learn, and to get to better know other Feather Princesses who will attend the Retreat; and our Executive Board is so honored and thankful that she accepted the opportunity and very graciously agreed to serve as our Retreat Chair. Drum Roll and fireworks, please! We present to you our new Retreat Chair, Princess Karen Benitez. We look forward to happily serving with Karen to ensure that our 2021 Retreat is a SUCCESS–the BEST one yet! And we thank you for giving her your full cooperation and support, as we all work together to plan this outstanding event!

Lake Yale will be fully operational by the date our Retreat convenes; however, if any restrictions are in place (because of the COVID-19 pandemic), they will comply with all government and CDC bans, guidelines, mandates, and rulings at the time. As always, our members’ health and safety are still are our main priority and are of utmost importance to us. So we will do everything we possibly can and take all necessary measures to ensure the well being of our Retreat attendees; and we hope each and every one of you–our beautiful Feather Princesses and guests who attend the Retreat will have a fun, happy, and safe experience while you are there.

Retreat Guidelines (as recommended by our Feather Princesses Executive Board):

  • The Retreat sign-up period will begin now and run through Wednesday, August 11.
  • The Feather Princesses who want to attend the Retreat will sign-up and pay via mail.
  • The sign-up will be limited to 50 people.
  • The cost to attend the retreat is:
  • $290 – double room**
  • $365 – single/private room**
  • All payments must be made in full, with the complete amount paid at one time. Because our guild is still not operating under normal circumstances, unfortunately we will not be able to accept partial or incremental payments.
  • The Princesses will mail their payment checks directly to our Treasurer, Princess Betty Jo LecarozBetty Jo will immediately deposit the checks into the bank and provide frequent updates to our Retreat Chair, Princess Karen Benitez, confirming the Princesses who have paid.
  • The initial sign-up process will be limited to only Feather Princesses members. If spaces are still available by Wednesday, July 14, then we will open the sign-up and welcome our friends and guests to pay to attend the Retreat.
  • Write a check payable to The Feather Princesses, and write “Retreat” on the Memo Line of the check.
  • Print the Feather Princesses Retreat Registration Form (click link), fill it out in its entirety (NOTE: Form may be completed on the computer and then printed), and be sure to include the name of your roommate. If you do not choose a roommate, one will be assigned to you. NO CHANGES to roommates will be made after August 11.
  • Then mail the Retreat Registration Form along with your check to our lovely Treasurer:

Betty Jo Lecaroz
3322 Nakora Drive
Tampa, Florida 33618

  • If we resume our guild meetings on or before August 11, then you may of course make your Retreat payment at the guild meeting.
  • If a Feather Princesses member pays to attend the retreat and then cancels (for any reason) before the August 11 deadline, that member will receive a full refund from the Feather Princesses Guild.
  • If a Feather Princesses member pays to attend the retreat and then cancels (for any reason) after the August 11 deadline, that member will be responsible for finding a replacement or forfeit the payment. The Feather Princesses Guild will not be able to give refunds after August 11. Lake Yale requires us to confirm the final retreat headcount and make a substantial payment to reflect that count in August. And they confirmed we will not be able to change our reservations after the August deadline.
  • In the unlikely event that Lake Yale cancels our retreat (because of COVID-19 or for any other reason), Lake Yale will refund the deposit and payments we made (for our 2021 Retreat) to our guild.

We are really looking forward to our fabulous 2021 Lake Yale Retreat–it will be AWESOME! Our wonderful Retreat Chair, Princess Karen Benitez, can hardly wait to hear your marvelous ideas and suggestions about the fun activities and games you would like to play; so start brainstorming right away. Karen’s contact information is: nickoftimesbs@aol.com or (925) 895-8129. In a few weeks, Karen will distribute a Retreat Questionnaire to our Princesses who sign-up, to hear what you have to say. The Questionnaire can also be accessed by clicking on the link at the top of this page.