2023 FP Quilt Show

(REV. 8/12/23)

Dorothy Johnson, Chair

We have hosted four wonderfully exciting quilt shows in the past:

Appliqué in Tampa Bay (2007)
Appliqué in Tampa Bay II (2010)
Appliqué in Tampa Bay III – Reflections (2013)
Appliqué in Tampa Bay IV – Spring Fling (2017)

Our next exciting quilt show, Appliqué in Tampa Bay V – Fun in the Sun!” will convene Friday, February 17 – Saturday, February 18, 2023.

Higgins Hall, St. Lawrence Catholic Church
5221 N. Himes Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614

Friday:  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.    |    Saturday:  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

♦ Vendor Mall (vendors from all over the U.S.)   ♦ Mini Quilt Auction (benefitting a local charity)
♦ Opportunity Quilt   ♦ Gift Baskets  ♦ Boutique
♦ Cafe (serving lunch both days)  ♦ Quilt Appraisals

Quilts That Can Be Entered in “Applique in Tampa Bay V – Fun in the Sun!” Quilt Show

  • Only Feather Princesses members may enter quilts in “Applique in Tampa Bay V – Fun in the Sun!” Quilt Show.
  • Each Feather Princesses member is asked to make (at least) one bed-sized quilt, 60″ x 60″ minimum, for our quilt show.
  • After the first quilt is made satisfying this requirement, Feather Princesses members may enter other bed-sized quilts, wallhangings, and miniature quilts in the show as desired.
  • Each quilt, wallhanging, or miniature quilt must consist of a minimum 60% applique.
  • Any applique technique may be used to create your quilt. For quilts made using the raw edge applique method, the raw edges must be stitched down.
  • All quilts must be appliqued by hand or machine and contain three (3) layers—the quilt top, batting, and backing.
  • All quilts must be quilted, either by hand, domestic sewing machine, or long arm machine. No tied quilts, please.
  • All quilts must be bound.
  • No panels are allowed.
  • A label must be stitched on all quilts, on the back, in the lower left corner. Suggested info for the label includes the quiltmaker’s name, date, and city.
  • See the Quilt Entry Guidelines document below to get information on the dates/timelines for all aspects of the show.


Quilt Show Documents

Click on the links below to review documents needed for information or to use for specific quilt show activities:


Quilt Show Committees

CommitteePurposeChair(s)Other Committee Volunteers
BoutiqueCoordinates the Boutique at our quilt show, including gathering and storing all items donated or made by our members, setting-up the Boutique at the show, and taking payment for sales.Roni Hunt and Michelle BarryJoanne Rodriguez, Dee Anderson
DemosCoordinates the quilt-related demos presented at our quilt show.Diane Keeports
Gift BasketsTo gather donated items that may be Coordinates the Gift Basket raffle at our quilt show, including collecting donated items to use in the gift baskets and assembling the baskets before the show convenes. All proceeds benefit our FP guild.Linda Pazdzinski and Karen Benitez
Miniature Quilt AuctionCoordinates the Miniature Quilt Auction at our quilt show. Each FP member is asked to make one miniature quilt to be auctioned; and all proceeds benefit a previously announced charity.Dee Anderson
Opportunity Quilt Ticket SalesProvides the Opportunity Quilt Distributes the Opportunity Quilt tickets to all FP members, with the goal of each member selling 25 tickets; collects ticket stubs and money, and coordinates the drawing for the quilt at our quilt show.Karen P. Hamilton and Ritu Haldar
PhotographyTakes pictures of our quilts for the show; and takes pictures at the quilt show.Peggy Wattenbarger and Beverly Abenante
Program BookletPrepares the Quilt Show Program Booklet that is distributed to our quilt show guests, including all information about the show and listing all of the quilts and their makers.Michelle Barry and Dorothy Johnson
Program Booklet AdsContacts businesses to place an ad in our Contacts businesses to place an ad in our Quilt Show Program Booklet. Brooke MillerMichelle Barry
PublicityContacts newspapers, Coordinates the publicity for our quilt show, including distributing post cards listing our show information, contacting newspapers, magazines, etc. to announce our show; also posting our quilt show flyers in quilt shops and other businesses in the local area.Michelle Barry and Karen P. Hamilton
Quilt AppraisalsContacts a Quilt Appraiser to appraise quilts at our show, assists with setting-up the Appraisal booth at the show, confirms all of the necessary supplies and equipment and ensures they are provided.Joanne Rodriguez
Quilt RegistrationCoordinates the registration of all quilts for the show, receiving a Quilt Registration Form for each quilt, ensuring that the info is accurate and complete, and tracking the total number of quilts entered in the show.Dorothy Johnson
Quilt Show Attire/ IdentificationCoordinates the members' show attire they will wear while serving and volunteering at the show to identify them as FP members. Michelle Barry and Terry MontaldoLinda Woytisek
Quilt Show LegacyCoordinates the completion and display of quilts made by our late Princesses who passed away since our 2017 Quilt Show. Roni Hunt
Quilt Show Set-UpQuilts are hung on drape and pipe; Coordinates setting-up all aspects of the quilt show, including hanging the quilts, displaying the mini quilts, setting-up the gift baskets, setting up the boutique, etc.Dorothy Johnson
Quilt Show SignageProvides the signs displayed at the quilt show, including general information for our quilt show quests and directing them to the various show activities.Michelle BarryBetty Jo Lecaroz
Quilt Show Take-DownTake down the quilts from pipe and drape after the show ends, coordinates taking down the quilts, returning quilts to owners, cleaning up the hall as needed.ALL GUILD MEMBERS
Quilt StorageAfter we take in the quilts, a person will After we take in the quilts at our February 2023 guild meeting, coordinates storing the quilts in their home or the venue until the quilt show set-up day (Thursday, February 16).Dorothy Johnson
Quilt Take-InEveryone who has a quilt in the show will Coordinates the take-in of quilts (receiving quilts from our FP members) at our February 2023 guild meeting, that will be displayed in our quilt show.Dorothy Johnson
VendorsBusinesses are contacted to vend Contacts quilt and non-quilt related businesses to vend and sell their wares at our quilt show; coordinates the set-up of their booths at the show.Dorothy Johnson
VolunteersTo assign FP Members various Coordinates the assignment of various shifts that our FP members volunteer to serve at the quilt show.Linda Simons