Legacy Committee

Terry Sylvanus and Karen P. Hamilton, Chairs

The Legacy Committee was formed in response to a need identified by President, Dorothy Johnson, and the members of the Ways and Means Committee, last year after they and other Feather Princesses worked diligently to transport, process, store, and then sell the “fabric estates” of the late Princesses Karen Waechter and Alicia Gierula. You will remember they did a fabulous job, but obviously spent a great deal of effort and time to do so successfully.

They also noted that our guild is often asked by community members to evaluate fabric, books, sewing and craft supplies for possible donation or use by us. The Legacy Committee’s purpose, then, was to provide a contact point for community inquiries about possible donations, and a dedicated group to evaluate those donations and either retrieve them or refer them to a more suitable organization.


We met in January 2020 to discuss this process; and the guidelines from that meeting include:

  • The Legacy Committee will evaluate and collect donations from the community.
  • The Legacy Committee will coordinate with the Ways and Means Committee and the 2021 Quilt Show Boutique Committee, regarding the disposition/sale, etc. of those items (including recent items ) for the benefit of our guild members.
  • The Legacy Committee Chairs, Terry Sylvanus and Karen P. Hamilton, will maintain a list of organizations in the Tampa area that accept fabric, books, sewing and craft supplies.
  • The Legacy Committee will refer any donations deemed unsuitable or unusable (for the Feather Princesses members) to those agencies.

List of Organizations That Accept Sewing Supplies, Books, Fabric, and Craft Supplies as Donation