Healing Heart Blocks

Shirley Kasprzyk, Chair

Princesses who experience a life threatening illness or lose a spouse or a child may receive Healing Heart blocks from our members. We stitch these blocks with love to express our concern and support and to lift the spirits of these Princesses, as they face challenging and difficult times. Our members have been so generous in making the Healing Heart blocks, the outpouring of love has been phenomenal, and every heart block has been greatly received and appreciated.

An announcement will be made in our monthly meeting or The Plume newsletter as to who will receive the Healing Heart Blocks and their color preferences.

Please use the guidelines below when making your Healing Heart block:

  • Size block: 9″ (8″ plus ½-inch seam allowance on all sides, to be trimmed by the Princess receiving the block)
  • Background color: white or tone-on-tone white
  • Color of heart: favorite color or preference of the Princess receiving the block
  • Heart design: any appliqué heart pattern of your choice
  • Technique: hand or machine appliqué, embroidered hearts, fused hearts (must be stitched in place)
  • Embellishments: adorn the block as you wish
  • Personalize: place your name on the bottom curve of the heart with a Pigma pen or embroidery

Princesses currently receiving the Healing Heart blocks:

  • Sandy Davis likes Civil War prints
  • Judy Denherder likes landscape prints
  • Cheryl Haynes likes blue and green 
  • Barbara Roberts likes blue and yellow
  • Anne Szabo likes blue, pink, and red 
  • Maria Nunez likes blue 
  • Annette Kocsis likes green

You may bring your completed Healing Heart blocks to Princess Shirley Kasprzyk at our monthly meetings or mail them directly to the recipients.

REV. 4/3/2021