Fat Quarter Exchange

[REV. 7/7/23]

Princess Linda Woytisek, Chair

Fat Quarter Exchange Guidelines

What’s your favorite fabric color or design? Do you like hot or cool shades? And do you prefer textured designs such as

dots, stripes, prints, and checks—or are bold solids your cup of tea? And do you occasionally stitch seasonal themed fabrics as well? No matter your preference, if you like swapping fabrics with others to build your stash, then our Fat Quarter Exchange is for you.

Each month at our guild meeting, the Fat Quarter Exchange Chair, Princess Linda Woytisek, announces the fabric selection for the following month’s Fat Quarter Exchange. And at the following month’s guild meeting, the Feather Princesses bring fat quarters in the specified color and/or design and turn them in to the Chair. The Princesses receive a ticket for each fat quarter they turn in, the Chair groups all of the fat quarters into bundles, and the drawing is held. The number of drawings/winners is determined by the number of fat quarters turned in.

  • Please remember to bring a 100% quilter’s cotton fat quarter (no need to pre-wash) to the monthly meeting.
  • You may bring as many fat quarters as you like—there is no limit. 
  • Please bring fat quarters of good quality that measure 18”x22” that have not been previously cut. No “ABC” (already been cut) fat quarters. 
  • The more fat quarters you bring, the more chances you will have to win.
  • Turn in your fat quarter(s) before the meeting begins.
  • You will be given a ticket for each fat quarter you bring.
  • When all the fat quarters have been turned in, we will divide them into groups, and the drawing will be held.