Local Classes

Janet Wachter, Chair

Exploring Machine Appliqué:  A Beginner Machine Appliqué Class 

Debra Sidler, Teacher
Monday, January 27, 2020
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Bernina Sewing Center
5405 East Fowler Avenue
Temple Terrace, FL  33617
Phone:  813-969-2458

Click here for Exploring Machine Appliqué: What to Bring

Morning:  Debra demoing many types of machine appliqué.
After lunch:  Practicing machine appliqué on your machine with your fabric.  Use scraps if desired!

Before Class:
Preparing your fat quarter background for class: 

  • The background cotton needs to be stiffened so that the machine stitches lay beautifully flat and smooth. 
  • The easiest least expensive way to stiffen your background is with starch.
  • Your background fabric should be starched as stiff as a piece of paper.  It would be best to do this at home to save time.
  • Saturate your background with firm spray starch.  It should be dripping.  You may alternatively use starch concentrate 1/2 concentration, i.e., 1/2 tap water to 1/2 concentrate.  Let it soak in a bowl until saturated.  Let it air dry. Speed up the drying process by putting a fan on it.  This will take about 30 minutes. You may also put it in clothes dryer on air only–no heat. This takes longer but works well.
  • When dry or nearly dry, press. If wrinkled, spray lightly with water or more starch, use a pressing cloth, which is a thin piece of cotton or silk, to prevent fabric from sticking to your iron.  This is very very easy.
  • You may alternatively use a tear-away product that you adhere to the wrong side of your background fabric.  This is generally considered more expense and more trouble but if you prefer it, go with it.  Your choice.

Fresh Beginnings:  Beginner Needle Turn Hand Appliqué 2-Day Workshop 

Becky Madsz, Teacher
Thursday and Friday
March 5th & 6th, 2020
9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Carrollwood Recreation Center
3515 McFarland Road
Tampa, FL  33618

Contact: Janet Wachter 

Click here for: Fresh Beginnings – Notions and Supply List

This is a hand appliqué class. You will learn the basic techniques of classic needleturn appliqué from our outstandingly excellent local teacher.  This class is both for beginners and for those who would like to refresh their hand applique skills.

REV. 1/16/2020