Janet Wachter, Chair

Our specific purpose is, and always will be, to encourage and promote our love of all types of appliqué; and we have done this by hosting some of the most distinguished and talented appliqué instructors throughout the United States and Australia. These nationally acclaimed and world renown appliqué and quilting instructors include:

Elly Sienkiewicz
Mary Sorensen
Jo Coon
Cindy Blackberg
Kim Diehl
Anita Shackelford
Karen Phillips Shwallon
Gwen Marston
Sharon Stroud
Becky Goldsmith
Karen Kay Buckley
Lisa Bongean
Jo Morton                                                                       
Frieda Anderson
Mark Sherman
Linda Cantrell
Juanita Yeager
Esterita Austin
Beth Ferrier
David Taylor
Sue Garman
Kathy McNeil
Nancy Kerns
Irene Blanck
Nancy Amidon

We will continue learning and mastering applique techniques, broadening our knowledge, and enhancing our skills and expertise by hosting the top quilting instructors and authorities on applique.