Quilt Challenges

Feather Princesses Challenges

FP 2019 Autumn Splendor Challenge (Contact: Janet Wachter)


  • There will be two categories for this challenge – Quilt Category and Wallhanging Category.
  • Each quilt entered in the Quilt Category must measure 60” x 60” or larger in size.
  • Each quilt entered in the Wallhanging Category may be of any size.
  • The maker of each quilt will determine the category her piece will be entered in.
  • Each quilt or wallhanging submitted in the challenge must contain a minimum of 60% appliqué in the design.
  • All edges of each quilt must be sewn down by machine or hand. No raw edges will be accepted in our challenges, contests, or shows. To clarify, fused quilts with edges sewn with a machine stitch of any kind or with a hand blanket stitch for example, are allowed.
  • Entries must be complete and must include machine or hand quilting, a binding, and a label.
  • Quilts and wallhangings displayed in our previous Feather Princesses Quilt Shows may be entered in this challenge.
  • Quilts previously entered in this challenge may be entered again, except those that received a prize in a previous Autumn Challenge.
  • Deadline is the October 9 guild meeting, where the challenge quilts and wallhangings must be displayed during the program.
  • Princesses attending this meeting will vote on the challenge quilt they feel is the best for each category.
  • Prizes will be awarded as follows:
    • $100 to the maker of the quilt receiving the most votes
    • $50 to the maker of the wallhanging receiving the most votes

FP Art Quilt Group Challenge – A Stitch In Time (Contact: Judy DenHerder)

The Art Quilt Group challenge, “A Stitch In Time” challenge, is open to all Feather Princesses members. Tap into your inner artist to create a quilt based on your interpretation of the theme “TIME.”

  • Quilt must have outside dimension of 30″ x 30″.
  • It must have a top, backing, and batting.
  • Can be machine or hand quilted (not tied).
  • Must be at least 60% applique.
  • The quilts should be finished in time to display at our 2021 Quilt Show.

FP Special Block Challenge (Contact: Dorothy Johnson)

Over the years, our very skillful members have made many, many adorable special blocks and some of our luckiest members have won them. Now it it time to assemble these lovely blocks and make some gorgeous applique quilts and wallhangings. So we will have a Special Block Challenge, making quilts from the special blocks; and we will have a striking Special Block Exhibit of these quilts at our upcoming 2021 Quilt Show.

If you won Special Blocks at any time during the past and did not already incorporate them into a quilt, please take out those blocks and start stitching.

  • Use any Special Blocks won in our previous Special Block drawings.
  • Assemble the blocks into a quilt or wallhanging:
    – using any design/layout of your choice
    – adding any fabrics/colors of your choice
    – making the quilt or wallhanging any size of your choice
  • Ensure the completed quilt or wallhanging contains a minimum of 60% applique.
  • Complete the quilt or wallhanging yourself or solicit the help of your Princess Pals.
  • Bring your completed quilt or wallhanging to our November/December 2020 guild meeting and display it.
  • If you already completed a quilt or wallhanging using the Special Blocks you won in the past, please bring it to this meeting as well.
  • Winners will be determined by popular vote. Feather Princesses members attending the meeting will vote for their favorite quilt and wallhanging.
  • The maker of the quilt receiving the most votes will be awarded $100.
  • The maker of the wallhanging receiving the most votes will be awarded $50.
  • All quilts and wallhangings entered in the Special Block Challenge will be displayed in the Special Block Exhibit at our 2021 Quilt Show.

Other Quilt Challenges

Kumquat Festival Quilt Challenge

Kumquat Festival Quilt Challenge Information and Entry Form

2019-20 Hoffman Challenge

The exciting 2019-20 Hoffman Challenge has begun. If you are interested in participating, be sure to see the guidelines on their website and purchase the fabrics soon. All six fabrics in the collection are required. Here’s the timeline:

  • Deadline for entries via online submission is April 1, 2020.
  • Notifications will be sent from Hoffman Fabrics by April 30, 2020.
  • Notifications will be sent from Hoffman Fabrics by April 30, 2020.
  • Once notified, accepted artwork needs to arrive at Hoffman Fabrics’ headquarters by June 25, 2020.
  • 2019-2020 Challenge artwork will be returned to its owner approximately April 2021.

Visit the Hoffman Challenge website, to obtain the following info:

  • Quilt Entry Rules
  • Clothing Entry Rules
  • Accessory Entry Rules
  • Best Use of Aurifil Thread
  • Labeling and Submitting Artwork
  • Shipping

Get started now and make your stunning quilt for this outstanding challenge! We hope your gorgeous piece will be a WINNER!