Welcome to the Feather Princesses!

Since the inception of the Feather Princesses, we have attained many successes and reached many of our goals. Our purpose is to promote, teach, and encourage our love of all types of appliqué.

Another objective that we have so successfully accomplished in our 12 years was our goal to learn and master appliqué and quilting techniques, to encourage and achieve excellence in our needlework, and to make masterpiece quilts and compete at the national/ international level.

Because of our persistence and propensity to excel and to be forerunners in the world of appliqué, some of our quilts have been accepted at international quilt shows.

Our 2007 Opportunity Quilt, “Tropical Splendor,” was designed and made by our gifted members (and won by President Dorothy Johnson) and it won a ribbon at the 2007 Jacksonville Quilt Fest, 2008 West Pasco Quilt Show, 2008 American Quilt Society Quilt Show in Paducah and it was selected as a finalist and was exhibited at the 2008 International Quilt Festival in Houston. Lastly, "Tropical Splendor" was the feature quilt for the month of April in the 2009 AQS calendar.

Since this time, other Feather Princesses members' quilts have also been displayed in AQS Quilt Shows, IQA Quilts Shows, and international quilt shows as well.

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